Merlyn Swansong



Attributes Check
Strength 12 (+0) 9+
Dexterity 17 (+2) 4+
Constitution 16 (+2) 5+
Intelligence 15 (+1) 6+
Wisdom 15 (+1) 6+
Charisma 16 (+2) 5+
Hit Points 10/10 Hardiness 13 Influence 2
Armour Class 1 Evasion 13 Dominion 0 0
Effort 3/3 Spirit 13 Wealth 0

Melee Attack: [Small Sword] 1d6+2
Ranged Attack: [Divine Fire] 1d10+2 (50ft)
Fray Die: 1d8


  • God’s War Survivor
  • Thalessi Seeker
  • One of the Heavenly Generals of Thalen



  • Effort of the Word: your maximum effort increases by one point. This gift can be taken once for each Word you’ve bonded ,but each purchase after the first costs two gift points instead of one.


Master of her own will! Merlyn has an invincible defence against mental influences or mind-reading, and may cause attempts at the latter to return any results she wishes.

  • Drawing out the line: Merlyn is fated to survive her perils. Her base armour class is 3, and she cannot be surprised.
  • Read the Signs: Action. Merlyn can look at a person and get a general idea of their past and most likely future. A brief description of their occupation, current ambitions, and a sentence of their most likely fate in the next year is obtained; along with their maximum hit dice total or character level.


Invincible defence against flame and smoke. Merlyn may also wield fire as a magical weapon with a range of 50 feet and a 1d10 damage die.

  • Consuming Gaze: Action. An object in sight up to 20×20×20 feet in size is consumed in flame and turned to fine ash, even if normally non-combustible. Larger objects make take a few rounds to completely burn away. Objects carried by a person cannot be affected. May also create walls of flame or other zones of applicably hazardous terrain.


Raises Wisdom or Charisma to 16 – or 18 if the attribute is already 16 or higher.

  • Banner of Passion: Commit Effort, Action. All NPCs who are lesser foes within earshot or sight are suffused with a powerful emotion of my choice, directed at the object of my choosing. Worthy foes get a Spirit saving throw each round to throw off this effect. This emotion will make them act to the limits of their character will last at least a day after the effort is reclaimed.
  • Fashioning a Friend: Action. Commit Effort for the scene to beguile a visible creature, inspiring it to feelings of friendship and cooperativeness towards me. It will not question these feelings, however irrational, and they will persist until I have obviously betrayed them, or blatantly do them harm. Lesser foes have no resistance against this power, while worthy foes can save versus Spirit to avoid the enchantment.


  • Unassuming small sword (light melee, 1d6).

Great Works

None yet!


In ancient years long passed, the God’s War threatened all the land. And of all the races not divine, the elves fought hardest. They fought until they bled. They fought until their Gods were dead. And when those Gods fell ashen upon the earth, they fashioned their corpses into weapons, used their flesh to imbue their champions with might and power, and sought a way to survive the Armageddon all around them.

They were punished. And trapped. Stuck outside of time by a spell of their own devising. It was always supposed to end, but it has yet to do so. Thus, only a handful of elves have returned to the world. Merlyn is one of them – seeking a way to free her people. To undo the curse, and make right the choices wrought so long ago.

Merlyn Swansong

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